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As voices grew that the in-game item drawing system has turned into speculative nature, it was argued that it should be regarded as'gambling' rather than some regulation.

Amid the increasing number of proposals for related legislation, there are voices from within the game industry that it is necessary to eradicate the speculative problem before the introduction of stronger regulations such as'payment cap' and'game addiction disease.
According to the game industry on the 9th, the YouTube video of former game management committee chair Myung-suk Yeo is a hot topic in the game community.
On his YouTube channel, former chairman Yeo, who served as the opening chairman from 2015 to 2018, insisted on his YouTube channel that "the legalization of probability items is not a game regulation, but a law that recognizes gambling as part of the game content and gives indulgences."
"When I was the chairman of the agency, I went to the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism at the time, because I wanted to'I'm going to get a big deal because of a probability item.' "Insisted.
He said, "Games that contain probability-type items (regarded as gambling) can be managed by the Sahaeng Industry Integrated Supervisory Commission (the Supervisory Commission)," he said. "If game companies want to make money with probability-type items, pay a special consumption tax of 40%." .
W The reason why former chairman's YouTube got a lot of attention is also because of the radical expression. In this video, he poured out a primary curse at Rep. Do Jong-hwan. Chairman Yeo joined the Future Unified Party last year, and she participated in the 21st general election candidate.
However, in the game community, it is spreading that there is a point in the logic of the former chairman, regardless of the politics or the way of expression.
Streamer'Myonol's Game Reading', who was a former game company employee, said on a broadcast last month, "If the game company has made it mandatory to disclose the probability, it will stop if the game company discloses the probability with a complex formula." It would be a'ladder kick' for a small company.”