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When you use a private playground, you may have heard a lot of the term "major playground".
In the industry, the standard of major playgrounds is 50 billion overseas servers with 50 billion employees.
It is a term for a company
However, many users are deceived by excessive free events and lose a lot of funds while betting on a small playground.
If you give a lot of free money and free money, and if there are many events, many bettors will mistake it for a large site.
Free money is provided. Companies that give a lot of money and do absurd events think that it is a major site and lose your money the moment you place a bet.
Isn't the major playground not eaten?
According to the statistics of our Totoland verification team, more than 90% of domestic private betting companies have been identified as eating sites.
However, many major playgrounds are included among them, and even major playgrounds, there is no 100% secure site.
Therefore, Totoland is receiving a deposit so that it can be used more safely when verifying major playgrounds and registering as a partner. We are receiving a safety deposit at the time of partnership with major companies so that bettors who believe in Totoland can use it more safely and without fear. I promise.


I want to join the major site.
Signing up for a major site is easy. Enter Totoland certification company or safety playground and sign up for a betting company you want to use. Companies registered in Totoland are certified companies that have been certified by the Totoland verification team.

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